CBD products are taking the world by storm. A once unheard-of product can now be found in high street markets, pharmacies, department stores, online from various retailers, and in many other businesses which people frequent. Products such as CBD vape pens, CBD vape oil, CBD edibles, CBD gummies, and more have risen in popularity in the past decade and are being embraced by people of all walks of life. While you may have heard of CBD products, not many people are aware that combining products such as CBD vape pens with CBD edibles can offer elevated effects in comparison to utilizing the CBD products by themselves. Let’s explore this topic more.

What is CBD?

For those that are not familiar with CBD, it is short for cannabidiol which is one of over a hundred phytocannabinoids produced by cannabis and hemp plants. CBD has been shown to be a valuable therapeutic option for addressing several different ailments and conditions. From depression and anxiety to epileptic conditions, inflammatory diseases, and much more, CBD is making a name for itself by offering people a higher quality of life. There are various ways in which CBD can be utilized, including inhalation methods, ingestion methods, and topical application of products, to name a few.

What Makes CBD Vape Pens Great?

A very popular CBD product that is being embraced by people around the world is CBD vape pens. CBD vape pens are a wonderful option for trying CBD for the first time and offer many benefits over other consumption methods. CBD vape oil, which is consumed through CBD vape kits, has been shown to be a great way to maintain CBD levels in the body. CBD vape pens come in various styles, including disposable pens, disposable cartridges, and refillable/reusable options, and with its avilablity even with stricter laws like England where you can now buy CBD vape pens from £9.99 with free delivery from websites like CBD oil king CBD vape oil is also available in many different strengths and flavours, offering something for the palate of all consumers. When it comes to CBD oil UK consumers embrace CBD vape pens, most likely not just for their diversity but for the other benefits they offer over other consumption methods.


    • Convenient

    • Quicker Onset of Effects

    • Various Strength/Flavour Options


    • Shorter Duration of Effects
    • Less Discrete

CBD vape pens are very readily available for use, making them a very convenient option for many. Additionally, the inhalation of CBD has shown to offer one of the quickest onsets of effects. Most often, the effects of vaping CBD can be felt within moments, whereas other consumption methods take longer for effects to take hold. CBD vape pens are a great option for those that are looking for immediate effects, such as those that may be experiencing an anxiety attack, for example.

Why Do People Eat CBD Edibles?

However, for individuals that may be looking for relief from inflammatory issues, muscle spasms, or one of the various other conditions that people are utilizing CBD for products such as CBD edibles may be a better option compared to CBD vape pens. Consuming CBD gummy bears have been shown to be a great way to boost CBD levels in the body. Like CBD vape pens, CBD edibles offer their own set of benefits and downsides. The biggest downside to CBD edibles is that they take a little longer to take effect in one’s system. This is due to the product having to be broken down by your digestive system before the CBD is absorbed and utilized by the body. When it comes to the benefits of CBD edibles such as CBD capsules, there are many.



      • Longer Duration of Effects

      • Super Discreet

      • Convenient

      • Available In a Wide Variety of Strengths and Flavours



        • Takes Longer for Effects to Kick In

        • Super Tasty and Tempting

      While CBD edibles may take longer to take effect due to the full-body distribution through the digestive system, the effects of CBD edibles often last much longer than with other CBD consumption methods.

      CBD edibles are very discreet to consume. CBD edibles can be consumed anywhere else that you would eat. Unless someone sees the package that they came in or you tell them you are consuming a CBD edible, no one will be the wiser. If you’re like many, though, that have tried products such as CBD edibles, it is likely you will be screaming it to the rooftop as you’ll want to let others know about these amazing products.

      CBD edibles come in many different forms, including CBD gummies, CBD beverages, CBD chocolates, CBD water, and much more. These products are typically available in a wide variety of flavours and strengths as well, offering something for everyone. The FSA recommends only consuming 75mg of CBD daily, so don’t be tempted to eat them all in one sitting, as CBD edibles are known to be quite tasty and tempting!

      Do the Benefits of CBD Increase When You Combine CBD Products?

      As you can see, there are various benefits to each of these methods of consuming CBD. But what if you consume CBD via vape pens and also ingest CBD edibles? CBD edibles have been shown to be a great way to boost CBD levels, and CBD vape pens have been shown to be a great way to maintain CBD levels. So, it seems that they would work more synergistically together than when consumed by themselves.

      Most often, people turn to CBD to find relief from an ailment, which means that relief is key. In the moment, the inhalation of CBD via vape pens can offer instant effects and relief from many things and is a great choice waiting for the effects of CBD edibles to be felt, which then can provide a longer duration of relief.

      For those experiencing pain or discomfort, the use of a CBD topical product such as a CBD lotion, salve, cream, or patch may also provide another level of benefits as these products can be applied to the direct area of concern and work from the outside in to also provide relief for many. If you are looking to get the most out of your CBD, try consuming it through multiple methods and find out for yourself just how powerful this phytocannabinoid can be!